Storms come and go. Some storms are worse than others. When we are in the mist of the storm it seems like it is going to last forever. You begin to ask yourself is it ever going to stop raining? Is the wind ever going to stop blowing? We all long for the sunshine but we all know we have to have the rain for things to grow. Are you in the mist of a storm or a heavy rain storm of life? Do you feel like it is never going to end? It’s never easy! I wish God had another way to grow us. I have found out in my life that God is faithful. I can truly say I still don’t understand why God uses storms but He does. When storms come: Pray. Pour your heart out to God. Take time to praise Him. Second, talk to a godly friend. Third, remember those times in the past when God was faithful. Fourth step is to keep moving forward and trust the God of the universe. Last but not least, remember how much He loves you. God bless!