Gut Job

I was sitting here enjoying my time alone with God. Just resting in His presences and it hit me. The distance from my head to my heart is only fourteen inches, but it’s the difference between information and transformation. It will never be enough to invite Jesus into your mind. You have to open your heart of hearts. Nothing entangles the emotions like sin. And if you sin long enough, it feels like a huge knot that seems impossible to untangle. But Jesus Christ went to the cross to undo what we have messed up. He broke that curse of sin so you can break the cycle of sin. I don’t know what you have built around your heart, but God wants to do a gut job. You have tried so many things to make yourself happy and to find meaning in life but nothing seems to last. Today is the day you tell the Lord to take over! Become my all in all. Take control, even my secret sins. What are you waiting on?