Building Through Relationships and Ministering with a Purpose

This is the vision statement of a church that I served with in Titusville, Florida. I was flipping through my bible this morning and it caught my eye! This is what it is all about. God has called us to connect with people. To reach out to people around you in your community and in your work place. To be creative and real with people around that God places in your path. Not to get lost in our own world. God has also called us to nurture those people we connect with. To encourage, love and invest our time to help people see the love of God. We are also called to equip. That is to help those who are young in their faith to grow in their devotion to God. Take time to teach not only in word but in action. Walk them through their time alone with God and strengthen their prayer life. Finally, send them out. Help them to find their passion and use that to tell others about Jesus Christ. Wow.

Here is a question I had to ask myself. Am I doing this on a daily basis? Is this my heartbeat? God has a way of getting my attention! Have a great weekend.