Face Your Giant in Front of You

Facing a giant can be a scary thing! Just ask the children of Israel. In 1 Samuel chapter 17 Goliath taunted then over and over again. The children of Israel were overcome with fear and did not face their giant. Until a young boy named David had enough and decided to do something about it. David faced his giant face to face. You know the rest of the story. David killed the giant and lead Israel to victory. What Goliath are you facing today? It may not be a 9 foot giant like what David faced but they are just as real. Maybe you are facing the giant called fear. It can leave you shaking in your boots. Maybe you are terrified of rejection or you are fighting some form of addiction. Whatever it maybe the question still remains. How do I get rid of the giants? Jesus offers abundant life to everyone who follows him. The thief comes to kill steal and destroy. But Jesus came to give us life and have it more abundantly. Jesus intended for us to really live! That means we can live freely in power of what he has accomplished for us. Whatever giant we’re battling might be big but it’s not bigger than Jesus! There is hope in Jesus Christ. More to come!