The Garden

In Mark 14:32-42 Mark tells us about Jesus experience in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus knew what he was about to face, so he went to pray with three of his disciples. Throughout his life when Jesus called to the Father, the Father answered him with warmth and love. But for the first time, Jesus was meet with silence. For the first time Jesus felt alone.

Luke 22:44 tells us that Jesus was so crushed by this that he began to sweat drop of blood. That is some serious anguish! Long before the nails pierced Jesus’s hands, the journey to the cross was underway. My Jesus loved me enough to suffer this type of pain, humiliation, and suffering. But our Jesus overcame! He overcame sin, death and is alive and well today! Amen?

We can be confident that if Jesus did not leave us in his darkest hour, he won’t leave us in our darkest hour either. This morning praise the living God for the life we have in Christ! He cares for you.