God’s Glory

Psalms 19:1 says,”The heavens declare the glory of God.” Why did God create the earth? Because it brought Him glory! God didn’t design us to be our own center. We are not big enough to keep everything in orbit. That is why so many people-even though they are going to church every Sunday- are joyless and unfulfilled. God has a plan for our lives; our lives exist for God’s plan.

The pleasure of humans beings is not the center of God ‘s universe-God’s glory is. He is the only one big enough to hold it all together. It would be unloving for the sun to allow the earth to be the center of the solar system because doing so would lead to the destruction of earth. In His presence we find fulfillment and peace! Put God in the center of your life because He is big enough to hold it all together! To God Be the glory!