Conduits Not Tools

A few months ago I got a call from my mom. She begin to explain that their water was not flowing very strong and knew something had to be wrong. My dad begin to look around outside and noticed water bubbling up from the ground just outside their back door. I came over to help dig up the water pipe. After an hour of digging we found where roots of a tree had busted the 2″ water pipe and had stopped the flow of the water. The next hour was spend cutting away the roots and getting new pipe to connect the water pipe back together. We turned the water back on and the water begin to flow again. That was some hard work. Thank God for good neighbors.

This Friday the message is simple. God wants conduits not tools. It’s not about our abilities and our skills. But it is more about allowing God to work through us! It’s more about us become a conduit that is clean where the work of the Holy Spirit can flow through us. Many times we have allowed roots and dirt to clog up our conduit from the Lord. Sin will stop the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. It will cause you a lot of heart ache and work.

Find the source of the problem and give that to the Lord. My dad knew the source of the problem that day. A huge tree had to go! We didn’t need to go through that again! Be that conduit that Water can flow through to touch a community. Happy Friday.