Be a Barnabas

In Acts 11:22-24 we see a man named Barnabas being described. It says Barnabas was full of the Holy Spirit and faith. Those are two great qualities to have. Barnabas was also know for how he encouraged others. More than ever, the Church needs more leaders like Barnabas. How do we develop the gift of encouragement? I want to give you four things this morning. First, we have to take our eyes off self. Secondly, we have to slow down enough to see other people. The third thing is we have to understand the need. If we would just listen to the people’s story that are around us. Last but not least: take action. Write a letter of encouragement. Bake a cake and surprise someone at their house. Speak an encouraging word to them.

Who has God placed in your path today to encourage? Be obedient to what God is asking you to do!