Staying in God Word

I want to encourage you this morning to stay deep in God’s Word! Especially, when Satan is throwing lie after lie at you. The one thing Jesus used when he was tempted was scripture. If Jesus needed to know scripture to fight off Satan how much more do we need it? God’s Word will kill the lies of Satan! At the end of the day Satan can’t change who we are, but only who we think we are! I pray that you set your gaze on Jesus. Constantly remind ourselves that God has made us wonderfully and beautifully!

I don’t know what is going on in your life. We all have those seasons of life that we really don’t understand why we are struggling. Sometimes we even question God and ask why. In these times, go back to truth! Don’t forget that God loves you and we can trust Him. Church we can’t roll over and be content. We have to wake up and see that eternity is at stake. Turn the focus off of yourself and fall on your knees to the Holy One! Get back into the Word today! It will change your perspective. Love ya!