Jesus’s Passion

Good morning! It’s Saturday! Make the your weekend count. I love reading the four gospels over and over again! The vast majority of records we have on Jesus are about the last three years of his life. This was known as his ministry years. Jesus treated people with a love like this world has ever seen. When Jesus spoke, great crowds gathered because he spoke with such authority and passion. He performed miracles and healings one after another. He mentored a select few men and poured his heart into teaching them. But the thing that blows me away about Jesus’ life is that He still needed time alone with God.

After a busy day of loving on people and meeting so many needs. Luke 5:16 says, “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” Jesus needed to spend alone time to pray to the Father! Jesus was no longer sitting at the right hand of the Father, so he desire to be with Him. I wrote this a few days ago but it needs to be said again. If Jesus, who is God in human flesh, needed time to reflect and pray, then so do we.

It’s time to plug into the greatness power source ever known to man. It’s like vacuuming the house and not plugging the vacuum into the power outlet. We are going through the motions and working like crazy but nothing is being accomplished. That sounds crazy but literally that is what is going on in the church today in most cases. This morning before you get going. Find that quiet place and worship the One and true living God! Let Him be your energy drink.💥