I want to ask you a question this morning because I want to give you something to think about today. What is your passion? I am not asking about your desires or what you like to do. Because Our desires change daily. Ask yourself this morning, what breaks your heart? What is your holy discontent? What has God put in your for a reason and a purpose?

I believe God has has given every believer a calling and a purpose in this life. Yes, He has also given each one of us an opportunity to use our gifting and our passion for His glory. But, have you ever noticed that God opportunities are usually wrapped up in an obstacle? Many of us are waiting on some great faith to act on it but in reality all God ask is to have a faith of a mustard seed!

Find out what your passion and your purpose is for this life. Pray daily and ask God to make that clear to you. Then grow in it! I don’t know about you but have you ever noticed you workouts are always shorter when you workout by yourself? Find a mentor. Someone who will challenge you and encourage you.

God opportunities are always bigger than you! Fear will be waiting around the corner. But all you will need is a hint of faith. Follow your passion and seek God with all your heart!