Matthew 28:16-18

Will we be a church that trusts His authority? I want you to see two facts about God’s authority.

  1. His authority is universal.

He has authority over:





 Nature- Storm


Daniel 7:13-14

A. It will last forever.  Not only power but He has a right to use it!

That should change the way we look at this world and at the news.

Psalm 148

  B. It is purposeful. (God’s Authority)

 He has all power for a purpose!

*God pours out His power on His people!  The Authority is living inside of you. There is no way we cannot complete this mission!

*Our success is not based on who we are or what we can do!

God sponsorship is all over discipleship.

Our success is based on who Jesus is and what he is capable of doing in our lives!

1. We will be a church that trusts in His authority.

2. We will be a church thay obeys His strategy!

There is always a constant tension in the strategy of Christ and the strategy of His disciples.

Jesus saw the people and had compassion and many times the disciple wanted to call down fire from heaven.

How about today?

So many times we come with our own strategy that misses out on the whole Point of His strategy.

Is that possible?

Two options:

  1. A self directed strategy that hopes for His Blessings.

The disciple had great motives.

They wanted to see His Kingdom advance.

Same picture today.

Go to the Christian book store and pull all the books on how to grow a church.  New strategy to grow His church. But there are more struggling churches than ever before.

If we put our hope in the strategy of men, we will hope for HIS BLESSINGS.

If we our our hope in God’s plan and His strategy then we will be guaranteed His blessing.

The great commission is His plan.

You don’t have to come up with a new plan or a new way of doing things.

If we give ourselves to His plan we can reach nations for Christ.

A Christ-directed strategy that is guaranteed His blessings

Good motives and creative planning doesn’t guarantee God’s blessing.

This frees us up from our personal agendas?

So what is a Christ Directed Strategy?

Christ is our vision!  This is not my vision, but His!

Follow Christ! Give yourself to Christ.  Grow in the image of Christ. To be conformed to His image.

Making disciples is our mission!

How do you make disciples?

-Share the Word.

-Show the Word.

-Teach the Word.

-Serve the Word.

Do it in all nations,

It’s all part of His plan.

Process of Discipleship

  1. Believer in Christ.  Baptize believer of Christ.

  2. Disciple of Christ – Leaner

  3. Disciple-Maker

Where do you fall in this journey?

Where are you camping out?

We have enough classes on how to pray, how to share our faith, and having a quiet time.

Who have you taken through this journey?

Who have you led to Christ? Sit down with them and showed them how to walk with Christ.

You ask what is wrong with the church today?

Are we making disciples?

How can my simple life change the nations?

What is your plan for discipleship?

If you have no plan, then we must not have hope to lead anyone to Christ.

People are our dreams.

The world is our goal.

We will be a church that trusts in His authority.

Will we be a church that obeys His strategy.

We will be a church that depends on His presence.

We will need the promise of His presence.

We will know the power of His presence.

I am not asking you to serve on a committee.

I am not asking you to come to everything we have and never miss a service.

I am asking you to be obedient to the Great Commision.

Live out your faith.