Vacation is coming to an end and I have to get back to reality soon. Thank you Lord for the blessings of a job, family and friends. You are so good to me!

As I was reading this week, I came across an old book called, “The Stronghold of God by Francis Frangipane.” If you have never read it, you need to order it today. We all go through a time of desolation sometime or another in our walk with Christ. You know, that spiritual desert when you just don’t hear the voice of God and your motivation to serve Him is very low. Be encouraged this morning! The truth is God will use this time of desolation for a time of preparation for a new beginning of power and service. Our task is to be still and know he is God. Check out this prayer and pray this out to God this morning!

Lord, how easily I fall into dead religious habits and spiritual dullness. Lord I long to know your ways, to have eyes that I really see and ears that clearly hear. Teach me the intimacies of God. Remove the mystery surrounding yourself that I might truly know you. Forgive me for looking for signs instead of listening to your voice. O God, how I long to truly know You as Moses did, to abide in Your glory! Restore to Your Church the double portion You have promised, and guide us into the fullness of your power! Amen.

Have a great Friday and a blessed weekend!