Where Can I Find God?

A drunk was looking for something on the sidewalk one night under a streetlight. He groped along the ground, feeling the cement, occasionally grabbing the pole for support. A person passing by asked what he was looking for? “Lost my wallet,” the drunk replied. The gentleman offered to help him look, but with no success. “Are you sure you lost it here?” He asked the drunk. “Course I didn’t!” the drunk replied. “It was a half a block back there.” “Then why aren’t you looking for it back there?” “Because,” answered the drunk with baffling logic, “there ain’t no street lights back there.”

Searching is important, but it doesn’t do any good unless we search in the right places! So many times we are trying to figure out life and find answers to our questions but we seem to be looking in the wrong places. Are you looking for a purpose in life, someone to spend your life with, a way to handle pain, or answers to very difficult questions? We have to look in the right place! It all begin and ends in the One we call Jesus! Start there.