Danny Durham Way

I want to thank the great people of Harris County for all of your hard work and the love you showed the Durham Family. Danny was truly a man after God’s own heart! He gave us all an example of how to live life and to live it for the glory of God.

I took this picture yesterday. I looked at it several times and didn’t even notice something, till Julie said something about it. But this picture says it all. Danny had a front row seat at the race yesterday! He was peeking through the curtains of Heaven yesterday morning and smiling! Knowing Danny, he was probably laughing his head off, because he knew so many were about to die running those crazy hills! 😄

Danny, your passing has been so hard for so many of us! There are so many questions of why did this have to happen this way! But because of our hope in Jesus Christ, we will see you again! What a reunion that will be. Until then, live a life that would HONOR Danny and our Lord Jesus. We can’t live a life of selfishness and pride. Danny was a servant and he loved people. He wasn’t perfect but he was pretty close! He has given us a perfect example of how to honor God by loving people! Let’s get it done!

God bless you today! #DD Way