Wanting More?

Years ago Laura and I were invited to some friends house for dinner. We sat down for a meal and we begin to fix our plates. I was ready to eat! I have been thinking about this meal all day long. As I begin to survey the food I said to myself, “There has to be more!” That was all the food prepared for 4 people? I took some very small portions and enjoyed our meal with some very good friends. When it came time to leave, my stomach was growling like crazy! Laura and I left our friends house and I went by the nearest restaurant and grabbed a couple of hamburgers! I had to have more.

That is the feeling many of us know so well-spiritually. We are eating everything that is offered to us spiritually! We go to all the Christian meetings, listen to Christian pod cast, and we play all the Christian music we can find. But we are still hungry. Hungry for something more “Filling,” more challenging, more powerful.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I am sick and tired of the status quo.” Maybe you life is so full of business but it’s not fulfilling! So often we pour ourselves into our work and we pursue so many things under the sun. Still we are empty.

Our “sick and tired of the status quo” is actually a magnet drawing us toward the greater greatness for which we are created! Our restlessness is actually a Holy discontentment. Check out Deuteronomy 8:3. God made them hungry for the powerful work He is about to bring into their lives! The people who are spiritually full and satisfied may never taste the manna. There is some great news for those who are spiritually restless. Restlessness usually precedes a powerful touch of God on a person life. God has made you hungry for more so He can feed you something much bigger.

Answer that call!