Loving God on His Terms

John 14:15 tells us, “If you love me, you will obey what I command.” Jesus defined loving God as being rooted in a spirit of obedience. We are to love God on God’s terms. To “obey His commands” includes setting our hearts to fully obey and pursue Jesus and not give up on our divine calling! Even when things get hard or difficult. Sometimes life doesn’t go just the way you thought it should have gone. But keep following the Lord and be faithful to His Word.

The Spirit’s first priority in the Church is for God’s people to grow in their love for God. We can be so self-centered at times! We are looking for the blessings, honor, comfort, influence, or some title. But without understanding that God is first committed to help us grow in love, we can be confused about His leadership in our life.

There is a whisper that is calling you to fully obey God’s voice. Take time to listen and then obey. God blesses obedience. Lord, all I want is more of you! Lord, kill me then fill me! Thank you Lord.