My Hero

Tomorrow is a very special day and I want to honor my hero this morning! His name is Donald Kenneth Taylor, most people now know him as papa! I can truly say with all respect, papa is the cornerstone of our family and nana is the glue.

I honor my dad today because he has taught me a lot things over my life time. He taught me how to work hard and do the best job possible. As a child I remember him adding rooms on to the house all by himself! Still to this day, I do not know, how he did what he did! He is a man’s man!

He also taught me to be a loving dad. I can tell you story after story of the sacrifices he made for Sherry, Ken, and myself. I can remember like it was yesterday, him sitting on a coke crate getting beat up trying to get me to throw a curve ball for a strike! I bounced so many in front of that plate. I would get so frustrated but he wouldn’t let me quit. He would walk away with bruises all over his shins. But I learned how to throw a curveball for a strike. He was always there for us. You never had to wonder where he was.

Papa also taught me how to be husband who adores his wife. My parents have been married for over 50 years! I have watched the way my dad honors my mom my entire life. They not only love each other but they are best friends. You will hardly see one without the other. My dad is one of the toughest guys you will ever meet but he turns to butter around my mom. His love for Nana is obvious and it shows.

If that was not enough, he also taught me about how to be a man of God! One of my fondest memories as a child was seeing my dad open his Bible at the kitchen table, and studying the Word! That impacted my life! I will never forget the family devotions at night. He was our spiritual leader and he gave me a great example how to live out my faith! He never faltered and always stood up for what he believed.

The myth, the legend, and my hero! Thanks Dad for being a godly example for our family and for many others. I love you with all my heart!

Happy Father’s Day!