It is Friday and I am off all next week! I am so excited to have some time off and spend it with family! But I don’t want to look past the opportunity of today! Lord, give me an opportunity to serve you today. Open my spiritual eyes to see you in everything as I walk through this world.

When was the last time you had something happen that could only be explained by the awesome work of the Holy Spirit? When was the last time the Word of God jumped off the page and spoke to you? When was the last time you prayed and you weep before God?

God has called us to a life-changing relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. This relationship should change everything about you! The key is to understand the difference between religion and a relationship. God hasn’t called us to religion, but to an intimate relationship. Religion is an activity, words, and works. Relationship is intimacy, loving, trusting, and sharing.

Churches are filled with good people who have nice lives but many fail to have a personal relationship with the very one who created them. How many times to we go through the motions without meaning? How many days are passing by without having passion running through our veins? Just getting by, day to day. Showing up to church and expecting nothing and checking off a box. There is something more!

I want to encourage you to read the entire chapter of Acts chapter 9! Here is where Saul meet the Lord on the road to Damascus and everything changed in Saul’s life, including his name. He didn’t become an more intense Pharisee or a more intimidating persecutor of the church. His heart changed. His priorities changed. What was important to him, changed. His life goals changed!

Paul’s mission changed from destroying the church to building it. God called him to do things Paul could never have done on his own. God took one of the worst sinner ever, and changed him into one of the best missionary that has ever walked the earth. Then He calls Paul to preach, though he wasn’t eloquent or wise. He does all these things so there will be no mistake about who gets the glory!

How is your relationship with Jesus Christ? I am not asking about your church attendance, and what all you have done in the good deeds department. Are you walking life out with Christ by your side? Are you sharing and talking everything through with your Heavenly Father? Are you waking up in the morning excited about spending time alone with God?

He is calling you to a close intimate relationship! Pull close to Him and He will change your heart. Don’t wait for a Damascus Road experience. God bless you today!