It’s Hard To Say Goodbye

I was born and raised in Southwest Georgia and my entire family lived within 5 miles of each other. We all went to the same church and we had Sunday dinners! To say the least, we all are very close.

One day the Lord called me into full time ministry and that lead me to Titusville, Florida, five hours away! We would come back every holiday and have such a wonderful time hanging out with family! But all good things must end. I remember pulling out of my mama’s driveway with dad standing by her side. She would have the biggest tears rolling down her face and it would break my heart. I would always stick my head out the car window with a big smile and say, “I will see you soon.”

Saying good bye is never easy! Today we have to say farewell to an angel on earth, Branson Powers. Branson was only 14 years old but he made a difference in this world and he has changed my life. There was something special about the way he loved people and the way he made you feel when you were around him. His big smile and his heart felt hugs were constant! If we could all be more like Branson.

This past Sunday afternoon, Branson pulled out of the driveway, and all of us were crying with those tears rolling down our face. We all are going to miss him so much! But I can see Branson sticking his head out of that transport vehicle with that huge smile saying, “I will see you soon!”

To be absent from this body is to be present with the Lord! What a promise! Branson felt no pain and he didn’t suffer! Jesus himself welcomed Branson into the Kingdom of God with open arms. He is at perfect peace and you better believe he is still smiling! Branson, we will see you soon!

Please pray for this precious family. God bless you today!

One thought on “It’s Hard To Say Goodbye

  1. Kaye Bruce August 1, 2019 / 5:58 pm

    Praying for your precious family. I’ve met some of your family and know you will see Branson again.

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