Running Off The Road?

Good morning! Can you believe it’s Saturday? I had one of those weeks were I really had to depend on my Heavenly Father. There was obstacles, discouragement, and situation around every turn. I have to give the devil credit for one thing, he never gives up! He is pretty consistent when it comes causing havoc and chaos.

We all face these kind of weeks. But what’s important is, how we handle them. Imagine you are driving down the road and a dog runs in front of your car. Many people will make this crazy move to miss hitting the dog, and then they will have over correct to get back on the road. That is where your car begins to skid and even flip. If you every run off the road, don’t jerk it back or the result could be fatal. The best thing to do is slow down and gradually easy back on the road.

When the devil throws obstacles in front of you, don’t over react and do anything crazy. Don’t begin to play the what if game and think your whole world is coming apart. When temptation, discouragement, and life’s craziness hit you in the face, slow down and careful get back on the road with God! I don’t always pray out loud. Sometimes I will just bow my head and have a conversation with my Father. But when things are going crazy and I feel overwhelmed, I pray out loud! Try it! It makes a difference. Take it all in stride, trust God, and don’t over react. Because He really cares for you! He will give you the wisdom, strength, and the courage you need to overcome!

Love you guys! Have a great weekend!