Be Bold In 2020

I have discovered over the years, if you run after the Lord with all your heart, He will push you out of your comfort zone. God likes to do things the hard way! Look at the life of Moses! Moses didn’t like to talk in front of people. Moses told the Lord, that he was not eloquent and very slow of speech. But God called Moses to go before the most powerful man alive at that time, and tell him to let His people go! Can you see Moses stumbling over his words. Moses begged God to find someone else to go before Pharaoh. Why? Because it was hard! That was not in his comfort zone.

What about Gideon? God call him to push out his enemies from the land, so Gideon gathered an army of 32,000 men to get the job done! Gideon knew he could do what God asked him to do, because he was a warrior, and this is what he was gifted to do. But in Judges 7, God told Gideon, “You have to many men!” God narrowed it down to 300 men to accomplish this task. Now Gideon was pushed out of his comfort zone! God likes to do things the hard way.

What about Jesus? Jesus came from Heaven and was born in a stable. He died on a cross and was buried in a borrowed tomb! He could have come as a Conquering King, but God likes to do things the hard way. As a kid I loved to play ball! I really loved to play with a bouncy ball, and come up with some crazy games. The bouncy ball worked best on hard surfaces. You could drop it on the hard floor, and it would bounce right back to you. But it didn’t work so good on carpet or a soft surface. The floor had to be hard! When hard times come: God is not punishing you. He is preparing you! God put Moses, Gideon, and Jesus in tough situations, but they all bounced back! Moses lead his people out of Egypt and crosses the Red Sea. He turned around and saw his enemies floating in the Sea. Gideon bounce back and was victorious in what God called him to do. Jesus over came sin and death and is now sitting at the right hand of God! Amen!

What is God putting in front of you in 2020. Pray for opportunities to love on people and ask God for favor! Things may get hard, but never forget, God is right by your side! I pray over you boldness for 2020. See you tomorrow!